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    Reasons for choosing our company as your insurance management broker
  • Thirty-four years of professional experience
  • Supports advanced mail system - retrievable orders
  • Send encrypted documents on demand.
  • Needs analysis online + live consultation
  • Price Reduced insurance revisions
  • Breakage professional advice
  • Online car insurances
  • Ask for brokerage: request (free of charge long-term services)

Since 9th November 2004 our Company data has been published on the registry of the Natonal Bank of Hungary under the name: Best-Office Biztosítási Alkusz Kft. (Best-Office Insurance Brokers Ltd.)
Postal address: Best-Office Ltd. 1153 Budapest, Pázmány Péter street 116.
Tax ID: HU12005253-1-42
Registr No: 41/1995; 177/1998; J-II/266/2007
Mobile: +3630 9601 402 (Hungarian)
Best-Office Insurance Brokers Ltd. was established on 28th December 1994 for insurance mediation. Our public liability insurance required by the Insurance Act of Hungary is with Allianz Hungaria Insurance Co. Ltd. With your questions or comments please contact our Account Managers, or for complaints our Company HQ on Phone:+36-(1) 306-0625, +36-(30) 960-1402. We are at your service. Supervisory Agency : National Bank of Hungary H-1535 Budapest, POB. 777. Best-Office Insurance Brokers Ltd. as an independent insurance intermediary company hereby declares, that it has no shares or interest in insurance companies or other insurance intermediaries or consultant companies neither directly nor indirectly.
    Main data of the Best-Office Ltd:
  • Registered by the Metropolitan Tribunal
  • Company registration number: 01-09-367058
  • Tax ID: HU12005253
  • Availability: http://www.best-office.hu
  • Supervisory authority:
    • National Bank of Hungary (MNB)
    • Address: 1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 39.
    • Central correspondance address: H-1534 Budapest BKKP PF.:777.
    • Central phone number: (36-1) 4899-100 ; Central fax: (36-1) 4899-102
    • Web site: http://felugyelet.mnb.hu
    • Activities: Independent insurance agency. Best-Office Ltd as an independent mediator is entitled to convey the whole range of insurance products.
    • Qualified influence: The Company do not have qualified influence in any insurance undertakings. Neigther the insurance company nor their parent company has qualified influence in our company.
    • Cash handling: colleagues in our Company can take the payment of the first installment during their insurance broker activities up to the amount of 645€/contract. But they are not entitled to take the amount of insurance claims and returning the fees due.
    • Broker’s Reg. No with the National Bank of Hungary:12005253
    • Authorization No with the National Bank of Hungary: 94/1994; J-II/266/2007
    • Professional liability insurance: Allianz Insurance Company.
    • Data management:National Regulatory Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH) registration number: NAIH 57496/2012.
    Services provided:
      Advisory and brokerage activities: help our customers in identifying the approppriate insurance company, calculating or obtaining the corresponding fees:
    • In case of standard modes on the basis of risks or fees of insurances
    • In case of individual modes on the basis of insurance risks
      Insurance management activities:
    • Insurance IT development
    • International green card management
    • Property prtection survey
    • Damage report and claim management
    Insurance companies, to which our Company conveys insurances:
  1. Alfa Insurance Co.
  2. Allianz Insurance Co.
  3. D.A.S. The Legal Expenses Insurance
  4. Colonnade Insurance
  5. Generali Insurance Co.
  6. Genertel Insurance Co.
  7. Granit Insurance Co. (Waberer Hungaria)
  8. Groupama Insurance
  9. K&H Insurance Co.
  10. Magyar Posta Insurance
  11. Union Insurance Co.
  12. Uniqa Insurance Co.
  • Types of insurances provided for our customers:
  • Liability Insurances for Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Legal Expenses Insurance for Owners, Families, Companies and Enterpreneurs
  • Decision makers and officials Liability Insurance
  • GDPR / Data Protection Liability Insurance
  • Investment life insurance with portfolio management
  • Employees Group Insurance
  • Consignment, shipment an freight insurances
  • Special and professional liability insurances
  • C.A.R. and building-and assembly insurances (not just for companies)
  • Agricultural Insurances
  • Road vehicle insurances
  • Railway vehicle insurances
  • Aircraft and UAV insurances
  • Watercraft Insurances
  • Object insurances for Works of Art
  • Electronic and Machinery breakdown insurances
  • Home insurances
  • Life and Accident insurances for individuals and groups
  • Healthcare service financing
Budapest, 3rd july 2019.

Best-Office Insurance Brokers Ltd.